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Hi! I'm Emmanuel Alejandro Parada Licea, engineer, scientist and entrepreneur, living in different cities from México 🇲🇽 and working with teams all across the world 🗺️.

We create companies 📈, laboratories 🔬, tabletop games 🎲, video games 🎮 and experiments 💥.

About and Contact

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Companies and Labs

🎲 Unboxed Games - Digital and Online versions of great Tabletop games - FB Page Co-founder and Executive Producer

🔬 Gemugami Lab - Fun experiments, R&D Chief Experimental Officer (CEO)

🎮 Oh! My Games - Video games and tools for publishers Co-founder


😈 Bastard Blocks (Android) - A difficult version of the classing game of pieces

⚪ Mint Works (Android, iOS, Steam) - A minty fresh worker placement

Content (Mostly in Spanish and some in English)

📝 blog.eapl.mx - Interesting ideas

🌱 Sembrando Juegos - Podcast about creating games

📺 YouTube - Entrepreneurship and Games

📘 Facebook Page - We share here content from our podcast, videos or texts

🔊 SoundCloud - Old Podcast with Quick ideas

📔 Medium - Old blog about entrepreneurship and learning every year


📺 Entrevista al emprendedor Emmanuel Parada Licea

🔊 Una opinión sobre el Crunch Time


🗓️ ISO Week - Instead of having months, measure your year by weeks of 7 days. Very useful for project management

🕓 Decimal Clock - Use a strage clock when the day is divided in 'hours' from 0 to 999

Game Experiments

🔓 Breaklock Reloaded - A simplified version of Breaklock

🤐 Occultus App - A helper app for the game Occultus

🇲🇽 Tour por México - A helper app for the game Tour por México (Based on the Roll and Write 'On Tour')

🕵️ Holmes Scoring App - A scoring app for the game Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft (2015)

🎲 4 not 3 - A version of Yavalath in a squared board, playing against an AI with Monte Carlo evaluation

🧑‍💻 Indie Dev Simulator - A game about reaching your dreams before getting broke

⚔️ RPG Crush - A simple Match-3 inspired by Gridland

⚗️ End of Time - Idle game about creating a device that will stop evilness

🕵️ Infiltrates - A hidden role game about words

🛒 El Pasillo - A version in spanish of Aisle

🔍 Una Habitación Cerrada - A game inspired by 'Aisle' about finding clues in a text to look for the

🧙‍♀️ Witch Lair - A game based on Donsol

♟️ Fog of Chess - A game based on Chesses 2 but to be played by mail or against a Dummy AI

📻 Radio Libre FM - A game in Spanish about managing a Radio Station, inspired in The Republia Times

🧺 Tianguis Wars - A game in spanish about buying and selling stuff in a forbidden event

📒 Random Names Generator - Creates strange words for Procedural Games

🦠 Virus Tournament - The application of the Random Names Generator. A simple idle game about cloning and training informatic viruses

💬 Words with Family - A digital version of Codenames, to be played in mobile devices and big screens

⏳ Timeline - A digital version of Time with Inventions

♦️ Rush Hour - A very simple version of playing 5 minute games with a normal deck of cards

⚽ Soccer Tactics - A simple dice game about scoring goals

About this page

This page was based on the awesome page from Filip Hráček open sourced here